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At A-WING, we're more than just an organization – we're a vibrant community driven by a shared passion for the advancement of women across the aviation industry. We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning to propel both individuals and businesses toward success.

By becoming a member of A-WING, you're not just joining a group; you're gaining access to a dynamic ecosystem of like-minded individuals and opportunities that will elevate your experience and propel you toward your goals.

How to Join

Joining is simple. Click the link below to be transported to our fundraising portal then, select your membership level and follow the on-screen instructions.


A member of our team will approve your account and allow access to the members-only area of our website.


Here, you will be able to connect with the community and access a variety of resources like job opportunities, educational seminars, and special access to events.

Be sure to also stay connected on socials where we share tons of great information to our larger audience.

Women of A-WING

Membership Benefits


Gain access to a network of experienced professionals eager to provide guidance and support. Our mentorship program is designed to help you navigate your career, offering personalized advice and fostering growth in the aviation industry.


Join a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about aviation. Our members share their experiences, knowledge, and resources, creating a collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.

Educational Materials

Stay ahead with our comprehensive library of educational resources, including webinars, articles, and industry reports. Our materials are curated to keep you informed about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices across the aviation industry.


Take advantage of our scholarship programs designed to support your educational and professional development. We offer financial assistance to help you pursue advanced training, certifications, and degrees in aviation-related fields.

Job Board

Discover exclusive career opportunities through our dedicated job board. We connect members of all experience levels with leading employers in the aviation industry, helping you find your next career move or advance in your current role.

Industry Recognition

Be recognized for your achievements and contributions to the aviation industry. Our organization highlights the accomplishments of our members, offering awards and accolades that can enhance your professional reputation and career growth.

"Diversity is what you see, inclusion is what you do. Equality we can measure... And that is just what A-WING is looking for you to help us do."

Mary Wanke, A-WING President 

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