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Creating the tailwind of change

Women of A-WING
Women of A-WING
Women of A-WING
Women of A-WING


A-WING is committed to providing education and offering various platforms for sharing experiences and knowledge with its members. We support the success of each other and freely exchange knowledge. This ultimately helps members from all sides of the industry and with varying levels of experience to achieve their career goals.

At A-WING, everyone is welcome!


Aviation Women Inspiring the Next Generation (A-WING) is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting gender equality in the aviation industry and encouraging young women to pursue careers in aviation. Although the number of women in the industry is gradually increasing, women are still underrepresented, particularly in management and executive positions. A-WING aims to empower women by providing equal opportunities for advancement and fair pay. We achieve this goal through networking, social media, industry events, fundraising, training, education, and collaboration with large corporations and small businesses. We strive to bring more female talent into our industry and expand the number and roles of women in aviation.


A-WING was founded by a group of experienced aviation professionals who recognized the need for a women's organization dedicated to less traditional aviation roles, such as aircraft and engine financing, sales and leasing, aircraft and part manufacturing, supply chain, aftermarket parts, MRO, airport design/construction, space leasing, legal, accounting, finance, sales, purchasing, product management, quality, logistics, and human resources. Our Officers consist of female business owners, executives, and vice presidents. We aim to work together with other well-developed women's organizations focused on other aviation sectors to contribute to each other's growth and success and make A-WING a global network.


A-WING is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All money raised goes directly to supporting women in aviation through networking, events, education and more.


Comprised of aviation and aerospace professionals, activists, enthusiasts and students, there are over 2,200 members, sponsors, donors and volunteers in our growing community.


Since our inception in 2020,  A-WING has raised over $140,000. These funds have provided scholarships and events that help support our aviation community.

The time is NOW

Our individual journeys in the aviation and aerospace industry can be traced back to the people who gave us our first opportunity, mentored us, and inspired us. Many women have made history as the first in their roles, and while we are proud of the progress we have made, women remain underrepresented in the industry, particularly in leadership roles. Our goal is to support the industry that has given us careers, so that more women can find a path to it. We aim to create a welcoming environment for women, remove pay and benefits gaps, and provide support for women to balance work and life throughout their careers.


Volunteers Needed

A-WING is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the goal of promoting education, recognition, and advancement opportunities for all women working in the aviation industry.
We are currently looking for volunteers of all skill levels, and we welcome contributions of any size. So, don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in volunteering!

Corporate Members & Sponsors

Special thanks go out to these generous companies and individuals who support our mission. Check out our Events page or email us to learn more about upcoming sponsorship opportunities. 

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