"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
                                                                         Booker T. Washington

Leading Ladies of ... Aerospace : Creating Awareness

Awareness of the challenges faced by the women in Aviation are being acknowledged by many in our industry.
We thank Leading Ladies of Aerospace as they support A-Wing by bringing awareness to our organization. 

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Leading Ladies Of…Aerospace:

"Collaborating Our Way Out Of COVID"

A Virtual 1/2 Day Summit 

September 17th, 2020

8-12 PST, 11-3 EST, 4-8 GMT 

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Regardless of our connection – as colleagues, friends, family, or even a distant LinkedIn connection, we all have a common goal: 50%. We strive to create an aerospace industry with gender balance, where women and men are face to face in equal ratios at all levels of the company. We know this is a significant challenge; we recognize that may not see gender parity in our lifetime. But we do not shy away from it – we face the challenge with commitment, integrity and grace. We do this for all women, whether she’s already reached the C-suite, or is a young girl dreaming of airplanes.

Summit Purpose

The Leading Ladies Of…Aerospace Annual Virtual Summit is an opportunity to connect women of aerospace from around the world to promote professional and personal strategies for enhancing women’s presence in the industry. We seek to inspire women of aerospace to reach their personal best and be leaders within their companies, by providing them with tools and strategies for career advancement, access to role models, and a variety of perspectives of the journey they can take. As we emerge from the current crisis created in our industry by COVID-19, never has it been more important to connect, motivate and inspire.

Conference Size & Attendees

We do not shy away from big goals, and the virtual world enables women to join from around the globe. Through the collective efforts of a network of women’s organizations and aerospace industry groups, coupled with the passion of those designing the event our girl for 2020 is to exceed our target of 1000 participants. The summit will benefit women at all levels in the industry and is designed to promote collaboration and opportunity in all sectors – Commercial, Defense, Manufacturing, MRO, Space, UAS and more. Although the conference focuses on the challenges and strategies for women of diverse backgrounds, it is inclusive and open as well to men who strive to achieve in their career while supporting the advancement of women in the industry.

Conference Content

The programming content features diverse subject matter, including: • Insights and advice from accomplished female leaders from all walks of life • Professional and personal development, including industry knowledge • Skills, practices and strategies for leadership development and career advancement • Collaboration between different facets of the industry The conference format includes keynote speeches and panel discussions, and an opportunity to be part of a community that continues long after the summit.

Use of Conference Proceeds

Use of Conference Proceeds Proceeds of the conference after costs are being donated to the COVID relief fund managed by A-WING (Aviation Women Inspiring the Next Generation). The funds will be used to secure women’s place at the table as we recover from the crisis by providing: • Training workshops, including: o Education on the different sectors of the industry – commercial, defense, MRO, services, business o How to transfer your skills to different segments of the industry o How to prepare for interviews o How to rock at interviews • Resume consultations & career coaching • Education for employers on why it is SO IMPORTANT to re-hire women & practice intentional diversity when rehiring during the upturn.

Why Send Your Team Members?

Why Send Your Team Members? • Demonstrate your commitment to diversity and learn how your organization can become more ‘gender-wise’ • Reward and inspire your team • Connect with aerospace leaders around the world from different sectors • Develop skillsets to thrive in current business environment & prepare for the resurgence • Network with a talent pipeline of current and rising women leaders We Are Being Backed From The Very Top Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison, Chair of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals , and Allison McKay (no relation to Fiona!), CEO of Women In Aviation International and a member of the US DOT’s FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Board, will be keynoting the conference. This is a rare opportunity, not to be missed!