A-WING stands for... 

"Aviation Women Inspiring the Next Generation"

About Us

It will come as no shock that the group itself was inspired by a group of “Aviation Women” coming together informally to network and share ideas. Energized by these events and discussions these ladies decided to expand this idea and affiliate with other existing women’s groups but found that these groups seem to primarily focus on Pilots, Crew, and Maintenance jobs. We decided we would like to address that gap. Our “Supply Chain” segment of the industry is far-reaching; Aircraft Financing, Sales & Leasing; Parts Sales, Purchasing, Repair, Teardown, Recycling, and all of the many layers within that (Warehousing, Logistics, Accounts, Quality, etc.) the list goes on. As time marches on for all of us, it becomes our time to mentor, inspire, and assist our future replacements while continuing to expand the number of ladies in our fields of aviation. Our goal is to coordinate the representation of a new group of women in aviation that really do not have their own official group.


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